The new OMTÄNKSAM collection puts extra focus on ergonomics and functionality. And – perhaps even more important – without letting those qualities interfere with style and beauty.

Beauty and function in every step

As a creative leader at IKEA, Britt Monti is used to combining different perspectives to come up with new ones. Working with the OMTÄNKSAM collection, that ability became extra valuable. Having herself suffered a stroke, she knows only too well the small nuances in form and function that make all the difference in practice. Based on her own experiences, she has been a dedicated driving force in the project.

A thing she had noticed was that looking for a certain level of functionality, often meant you had to give up on aesthetics. The collection is partly made in response to that mismatch: to show that furniture that is helpful can still look good.

Physiotherapists as well as experts on both ergonomics and ageing have been vital in the design process. Besides using statistical population data, many products have been evaluated by people with different needs and challenges.

This new line of products is created with human needs in focus. Needs that vary from person to person, and through our lives. Since no matter the cause – helping the motor skills of a 3-year-old, a broken arm, or limited mobility during pregnancy – we can all use a bit of assistance at times.